Brooke of Life Care and Enrichment

Brooke of Life offers a loving, Christian educational environment for children and youth. Our mission is to express the love of Christ to children in our care and prepare them to be successful in life with a foundation based on God’s word.

The Before and After School Care Program provides a safe haven for students starting at the Pre-K level. They are led to worship, pray, study, do homework, and have fun activities.

The Enrichment Program provides opportunities for students in all age groups to prepare them for their future, acquire skills in the area of their gifting, and further develop their talents. Courses are offered for both youth and adults in the fields of fine arts (which includes piano, guitar, praise dance, etc.), ministry and missions, technology and media, sports, and foreign languages. Some enrichment classes are included with Care, while a few (such as piano and guitar) may have additional cost.

(For campus-specific information, please see the Brooke of Life campus pages.)

Forms can be found here:
Care Rates 2019-2020. For high school students hoping to gain volunteer hours, the Student Aide Application can be found here: Student Aide Application

Registration: BOL Care Registration

The handbook can be found here.