Our Founders

Introducing Dr. K. Lazarus George

Educated in India and the U.S., Dr. Lazarus George has enjoyed several outstanding career opportunities in a variety of fields.

Before coming to the United States, he completed a Bachelor of Law degree from Madras University and was engaging in a carrear in law. In the U.S., he specialized in computer science. He holds two masters degrees from Texas A&M University Commerce, and has an M.Div. and Ph.D. in Theology from Cornerstone University in Israel. He has held responsible positions in three major corporations and currently provides administrative expertise and analysis for the Social Security Administration.


After fully committing to Christ, he began preaching in India. There were times when radical Hindus threatened his life, but he remained faithful. Sometime later, he and his wife, Dr. Sheba George, both answered a call to come to the United States as missionaries. He is an ordained minister and served as assistant pastor and minister of missions in churches. He has a passion to see an educational revolution, especially in the area of technology in America.


Introducing Dr. Newman

Dr. Hepzibah newman, who contributed to the establishment of Newman International Academy, gave her name to the school, and is making a positive impact on children and young adults around the world. She is Founder of Krishnammal College, University of Cimbatore, India and has established over 20 educational institutions, which now educates over 34,000 students. She also founded and directs Brooke of Life, a ministry which has a local week-day training center for 150 children in Arlington, Texas, and a multifaceted international outreach.

Dr. Newman is the mother of Dr. Sheba George, the superintendent of Newman International Academy of Arlington



Newman George College First Meeting

Newman George College is a new institution of higher learning established to equip students as world leaders with Godly values, a sound Biblical worldview and a true of education of the heart and mind.

The founders of Newman George College are Dr. Lazarus and Dr. Sheba George, their eldest son, U.S. Air Force Capt. Moses George, and Dr. George’s mother, Dr. Hepzibah Newman. Dr. Newman is the founder of Krishnammal College, University of Coimbatore, India, and has established over 20 educational institutions in India which educate over 34,000 students. Dr. Sheba George is the founder and superintendent of Newman International Academy, a rapidly growing and expanding charter school system based in Arlington, Texas. The mission of the George family is to provide world-class, Christ-centered, “cradle to college” education in the United States. Their vision is to impassion transformational leaders for a culture that desperately needs sound moral values and governance guided by the rights and responsibilities of individuals to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

The college will launch in the fall of 2015, and our vision is to be established as a university by the fall of 2020. Initial majors to be offered will be in the academic disciplines of Creative and Performing Arts, Business, Education, Journalism, Law, Medicine, and Theology.