About Our Organization

Brooke of Life was established in February of 2011 to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ; to serve the body of Christ through teaching, equipping and training Christian believers and preaching the Word of God; to bring together people of all denominations, culture and languages to worship and serve Christ; organize intercessory prayers, prayer conferences, and all-night prayer in cities; to strengthen, encourage and support ministries, evangelists, pastors, missionaries, prophets, teachers and apostles through providing for them according to their needs and educating their children; to minister to veterans; to minister to the needy by establishing hospitals, clinics, and homes for the elderly; to minister to those in prisons, the homeless and the poor; to establish orphanage/orphanages and refuge homes; to bring relief to those in disaster; to minister to youth and children; to establish state of the art educational institutions, child care centers, before and after school programs, sports organizations, and technical institutions.

Brooke of Life was named after the brook of life in the Bible. It is a ministry with many branches, currently including Before and After School Care, Enrichment Program Classes, and Special Events. Brooke of Life also sponsors educational programs, charter schools and colleges, with a vision to expand not only in the United States but also overseas.

Our Founders

Dr. Lazarus George with wife Dr. Sheba George
Dr. Lazarus George with wife Dr. Sheba George

Dr. Lazarus K. George was educated in India and United States. Dr. Lazarus George has enjoyed several outstanding career opportunities in a variety of fields. Before coming to the United States, he completed a Bachelor of Law degree from Madras University and worked as an attorney. Since coming to the U.S. nearly 25 years ago, he has worked in the fields of computer science as well as legal and governmental services. He is married to Dr. Sheba George (Superintendent of Newman International Academy) and father to two sons. For his testimony, see George 2015 Christmas Letter.

Dr. Hepzibah Newman
Dr. Hepzibah Newman

Dr. Hepzibah Newman was the CEO of Brooke of Life until she passed away in March 2015.

Dr. Newman was born into the royal family of Sivagiri Zamin, in India. While she never wore the royal robes, she was clothed with garments of such grace and wisdom that the thousands who knew her and the tens of thousands who were influenced by her cherished her.

An educator for over 60 years, she was the founding president of Krishnammal College, and Bharathiar University, Brooke of Life ministry, Newman International Academy (in partnership with her daughter, Dr. Sheba George) and was named by the Board of Regents as the first Chancellor of Newman-George College. During her lifetime she established over 20 educational institutions that now have over 34,000 students!

She was great in her goodness and good in her greatness. She had a smile for every joy, a tear for every sorrow, a consolation for every grief, and a prayer for every misfortune. She never denied her inspirational smile to pauper or prince. She was mother for many and her impeccable character inspired even those who considered contrary agendas for women, injustice, the poor and the disadvantaged.

She was characterized by love and devotion, integrity and purity of heart, the skill to manage men and matters, as well as her tenderness and intelligence. She had the optimism of a child, the diplomacy of a prime minister, and the wisdom of Solomon. Her keen-sightedness and her great inner beauty enhanced her charm that knows no age.